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Our Derivative Products of Cacao are meticulously crafted by grinding a fine cacao blend of roasted Trinitario beans known for their exquisite taste and a high content of Criollo beans. These beans are cultivated and harvested with care in the breathtaking lands of Venezuela, situated in the northern region of South America, where they thrive under the gentle Caribbean Sea breeze.


Our products are 100% natural, free from mixtures or preservatives, and boast impressive health benefits. They are dairy-free, fibre-rich, iron-rich, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free, vegan, and wheat-free, making them suitable for various dietary preferences. All these finest cacao derivatives are Fair Trade, 100% Natural and with Kosher and ISO Certifications.

Origin: Venezuela


Our cacao nibs are made from a unique blend called 'Gran Cacao,' which combines the Carenero Superior, Río Caribe Superior, and Sur del Lago beans with a high-fat content (54-56%). These beans bring distinct flavours and aromas to create remarkable cacao nibs.


Our products are tailored to meet the needs of professionals such as chocolatiers, beer brewers, pastry chefs, and home bakers who seek the utmost quality and flavour in their creations. By choosing our cacao nibs, you can elevate your recipes and unleash your creativity to delight your customers or indulge in delightful homemade treats.


Experience the difference our lightly roasted cacao nibs can make in your culinary creations. Refine your artistry and indulge in the unparalleled flavours and captivating aromas that have made our cacao nibs a preferred choice among professionals and passionate enthusiasts.

cacao nibs
natural venezuelan cacao butter



Our natural cacao butter is made from a unique blend called 'Gran Cacao,' which combines the cacaos "trinitarios" Carenero Superior, Río Caribe Superior, and Sur del Lago beans with a high-fat content (54-56%) and "criollo" blood content.


Common uses of our cocoa butter include the production of bean-to-bar chocolate, white chocolate, thinning chocolate for chocolate fountains, fudges, creams, soap and candle making, and skin products such as moisturizers, stretch mark creams, and lip balms.

Kosher and ISO certifications.

Cacao Butter
Cocoa liquor

Amazing blend of Venezuelan Fine Cocoa


Cacao Liquor is called Cacao Paste, unsweetened, baked, or bitter chocolate. It is the main chocolate-making ingredient blended with sugar, milk, and other additives. In Canada and Europe, other names include Cocoa (Cacao) Mass. Despite its name, there isn't alcohol present.


Flavour Development: Our Cocoa Liquor has a relatively high cocoa butter content (56% +/- 2%) which contributes to developing rich and complex flavours in our Cacao Liquor. 


Our Fine Cacao Liquor is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of culinary applications. Professional chocolatiers and pastry chefs commonly use it to create elaborately flavoured ice creams, rich and decadent chocolates, ceremonial cacao drinks, delectable desserts, velvety hot chocolates, and more. The unique flavour profile of our Cacao Liquor adds depth and complexity to any culinary creation.

Kosher Certificate.

venezuelan cocoa mass
Cocoa Powder
Alkalinized cocoa powder

Natural and Dutch Processed


This product is the result of the pulverization of the cocoa liquor and the extraction of the butter. Cocoa powder is used in the food industry to prepare cookies, ice creams, drinks, pastries, breweries, and detailed coverage for confectionery and frozen desserts.


Our Dutch Processed/Alkalized and Natural Cocoa Powders (10-12) are a derivative fine cacao product made from a carefully selected blend of roasted Trinitario cacao beans with a high content of Criollo beans, which are grown and harvested in the beautiful lands of Venezuela.


Available in Alkalinized/Dutch and Natural.

Kosher Certification.



Origin: Peru - Ucayali-Huánuco

At Canada Cacao Company, we are dedicated to not only supporting our home country of Venezuela but also showcasing the exceptional flavours and diversity of Latin America. In addition to our Venezuelan cacao derivatives, we proudly promote and offer a wide range of cacao derivatives sourced from Peru and other esteemed regions across Latin America. By celebrating the richness of Latin American cacao, we strive to bring you a truly authentic and diverse cacao experience.

Introducing our fine 70% dark chocolate wafers from Peru, made from a blend of exquisite cocoa varietals - Huánuco and Ucayali. With 39% cocoa butter content, these wafers offer a smooth and creamy texture, perfect for creating artisanal chocolates and bonbons. Sourced from Peru, these wafers may offer unique flavour notes characteristic of the region's terroir. Ideal for chocolate lovers and professionals seeking high-quality and versatile ingredients, order now and elevate your chocolate creations to the next level!

Peruvian-Ucayali  70% dark chocolate

How to get our products 


Indulge in the finest flavours from the comfort of your home. Explore our online store and savour the treasures that await you! Zucchero Canada, a division of Canada Cacao Company, offers a delightful range of products for chocolate makers, pastry chefs, bakers, and artisans. Sweeten your life with our excellent selection of all your culinary creations.

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