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Venezuelan criollo cacao pods


a real legacy...

Discover the Wonders of Venezuelan Cocoa


Nestled in the beautiful northwest of South America, Venezuela proudly stands as the homeland of cocoa, earning its reputation as the equivalent of Champagne in cocoa production. Renowned for its exceptional quality, Venezuela's plantations yield highly regarded Criollo cacao beans, representing less than 1% of the global cacao harvest. Astoundingly, this remarkable country produces a staggering 90% of these coveted Criollo beans, making it a true treasure trove for cocoa enthusiasts.


In addition to Criollo, Venezuela also cultivates Trinitario cacao, an aromatic variety that accounts for just 10% of the global cacao harvest. Trinitarios are a harmonious blend of Criollo and Amazónico cacao, combining the best traits of both varieties. These hybrid beans exhibit the resilience and high yields of Amazónico cacao while retaining the aromatic and sensory characteristics that make Criollo beans so sought after. Notably, Venezuelan Trinitarios boast a substantial genetic content of Criollos, further enhancing their appeal.


However, it is not solely the genetic superiority of Venezuelan cocoa beans that sets them apart. Venezuela takes pride in its centuries-old ancestral knowledge, meticulously passed down over 400 years, which encompasses every aspect of the pre and postharvest processes. Venezuela has perfected every step of the cocoa production journey, from the unique terroir that imparts distinctive flavours to the precise harvesting and fermentation techniques, careful drying methods, and meticulous transport and storage.


This harmonious blend of exceptional genetic quality and ancestral expertise has earned Venezuelan cacao its well-deserved reputation as the finest in the world. Each bite of Venezuelan chocolate offers a symphony of flavours that tantalize the taste buds and an aroma that captivates the senses. Indulge in the unparalleled delights of Venezuelan cocoa, and experience chocolate like never before.

Venezuelan Cacao


It has been scientifically proven that the first cacao plants gracefully emerged in the fertile lands of Venezuela. Within the Venezuelan territory, two distinct regions stand tall as the cradle of this illustrious treasure. One, located in the south of "Lago de Maracaibo," which covers parts of the states Zulia, Mérida and Trujillo,  boasts a breathtaking landscape adorned with forests of majestic cacao trees. Here, the renowned "Cacaos Criollos" reign supreme, celebrated for their ethereal opalescence, pearlescent almonds, and the ability to summon a kaleidoscope of flavours that dance upon the palate. Delicate yet persistent, the resulting chocolate is an exquisite symphony of fruity notes, enrapturing the senses with its alluring aromas. A genuinely unparalleled indulgence awaits those fortunate enough to savour its essence. The other zone of Venezuela where the cacao trees were grown is a region that covers "Paria," "Delta del Orinoco," and "Amazonas," where the cocoa trees of "Forastero" species (also called Amazónicos) were born, appreciated for their strength, resistance, and productivity, rather than for their aromas or flavours.


The "Trinitarios" cacaos, descendants of the Criollo and Forastero or Amazónico, were born in the zones of the Delta of Venezuela, from where they were brought to the island of Trinidad.


For this reason, Venezuela is called the Homeland of Cocoa.



Canada Cacao Company & Partnerships

Canada Cacao Company takes great pride in representing Venezuela's most prestigious farms, such as "Hacienda San José - Casa Franceschi 1830" and "Hacienda Cacao Caribe," among others, in Canada. These farms are renowned for their exceptional cocoa beans, thanks to their ideal locations and favourable environmental conditions. However, the success of the cocoa industry relies not only on large producers but also on the invaluable contributions of small-scale farmers. Recognizing this, Canada Cacao Company is dedicated to fostering an alliance between small and large producers, working tirelessly to improve the well-being of the most vulnerable people involved in this industry.


In the southern sub-region of the Lake of Maracaibo in Venezuela, diverse cocoa producers are found across states like Zulia, Merida, Táchira, and Trujillo. Among them, Chococao stands out as a key player. Chococao not only maintains its own plantations but also collaborates with over 800 smallholder farmers in the region. These farmers have been working closely with Chococao for over 25 years, following their guidance to ensure consistent drying procedures.


The alliance between small and large producers holds significant importance for the cocoa industry. It creates a mutually beneficial relationship, enabling small-scale farmers to access better resources, support, and market opportunities. Canada Cacao Company understands these farmers' significance and contributions to the industry's growth and sustainability.


Improving the quality of life for the dedicated workers involved in cocoa production is a core commitment of Canada Cacao Company. We believe no effort is too great to enhance the well-being of those who passionately cultivate the world's best cocoa. We actively work towards progress and betterment through their partnership with smallholder farmers. Our commitment extends beyond economic aspects and encompasses social welfare, education, and healthcare, aiming to uplift the entire community associated with cocoa production.


Our alliance between small and large producers strives to create a better future for the cocoa industry. The company contributes to sustainable development, empowers communities, and fosters economic growth by supporting small-scale farmers and ensuring fair practices. Additionally, by introducing the world's leading chocolate brands to the exquisite cocoa beans from our partners, Canada Cacao Company creates opportunities for global recognition and appreciation of Venezuela's rich cocoa heritage.


Canada Cacao Company's representation of Venezuela's prestigious farms and its alliance with smallholder farmers demonstrate our dedication to the well-being of all individuals involved in the cocoa industry. Through this alliance, we contribute to the growth and prosperity of small producers while upholding the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Together, we are working towards a future where the world can savour the extraordinary flavours of Venezuelan cocoa, knowing that its production uplifts communities and improves lives.

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