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Rio caribe superior cacao beans, Venezuela

Río Caribe Superior Beans Sensory Profile :

Río Caribe is one of the most popular origins on the international markets for its unique sensory characteristics. The cocoa flavour predominates with delicate fruity features and earth tones. In some cases, we can find nutty notes.

Río Caribe Superior Cocoa liquorFlavor:

This bean offers cacao aromas with medium acidity. Bitter and astringent. It also has low flavour notes of sweet, floral, nuts, and brown sugar.

 Flavour profile of cacao
Rio caribe superios Canada


Plastic bag 2 kg (4.4 lb)

Burlap bag 5 kg (11 lb)

Burlap bag 20 kg (44 lb)

Burlap Sack 60kg. (132 lb)

Perfect for bean-to-bar chocolate makers.


Río Caribe is considered one of the most exciting places in Sucre State, 22 kilometres (about 14 miles) from Carúpano, Sucre State, in Eastern Venezuela. It is the capital city of the Arismendi municipality. 


Río Caribe is called by some the City of the Masters of Cacao. The Sucre state is currently the largest cocoa producer in Venezuela (representing 52% of the national production, according to the FPP). 


The region is also rich in natural gas and light petroleum reserves.


A colourful fishing town with Colonial Houses that evoke the Venezuelan east of the late 19th century; its beautiful beaches, such as Playa Medina and Playa Pui Pui, its Cacao and its people, can captivate any heart that touches its fiery lands.


Río Caribe was founded in 1713 with the name of San Miguel de Río Caribe. The town was the second establishment of the Spaniards in the Sucre State. During the 19th century, it received many immigrants from Italy and Corsica.

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